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Apple offering a second chance to buy unclaimed WWDC tickets

If you didn’t get selected in last week’s WWDC 2014 lotto, you may still have a shot to get a ticket. Apple is reportedly sending out emails to developers who weren’t selected in the lottery and offering a chance to purchase tickets that were unclaimed.

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This Is the World’s Fastest MicroSD Card (For Now)

This Is the World's Fastest MicroSD Card (For Now)

It’s easy enough to find ultra-fast SD cards—if you’ve got the cash —but super speedy microSD cards are harder to come by. No longer: Toshiba has just launched the world’s fastest, and it should breathe life into your compact mirrorless camera.

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Jaguar Land Rover brings the boardroom to your dashboard with in-car infotainment system

The boundary between your smartphone and your car is growing thinner by the day, and Jaguar Land Rover is the latest in a long line of car companies trying to work out the ideal balance between the two. The company’s InControl Apps system has been in…

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Are LG’s New Headquarters Really a “Public Shame”?

Are LG's New Headquarters Really a "Public Shame"?

New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman is on a roll lately in his quest to hold architects accountable for their design shortcomings. His latest target? The firm HOK, which he says has turned tech manufacturer LG’s new headquarters into an "eyesore."

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Scientists create sensor for night vision contact lenses

Scientists create sensor for night vision contact lenses

It may seem like the stuff from spy and superhero movies but scientists have created "the first room-temperature light detector that can sense the full infrared spectrum" which, according to researchers at the University of Michigan, can be made so thin that it can be easily stacked on night vision contact lenses.

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Several Ind. Counties Under Tornado Watch

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POSTED: 6:39 pm EDT March 23, 2012

UPDATED: 10:12 pm EDT March 23, 2012

Most of central Indiana was placed in a tornado watch until 1 a.m. Saturday as a storm system sparked some severe thunderstorms in parts of the state.Storms moved into the area during the late afternoon and evening hours, prompting the issuance of some tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings.Counties under the watch include Boone, Clinton, Greene, Monroe, Decatur, Marion, Hendricks, Hamilton, Howard, Johnson, Morgan, Montgomery, Putnam, Tipton, Tippecanoe and Rush.A tornado warning was issued for the Bloomington area. Hail of up to quarter-size fell, and there were some reports of funnel clouds, but no damage was reported.The storms weakened as they moved out of the area, and the warnings were dropped. Watch 6News and refresh this page for updates.

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